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Black and White and Drool All Over

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on September 14, 2009

Picture 9

I soooo want to use this Kelly Werstler for Groundworks fabric on some chairs I’m re-doing.  Unfortunately, I’m worried that the Wearstler designed fabric will make the chairs cost prohibitive in the end, as my goal is to make a little something off these puppies.  Also unfortunately, I forgot to photo the before: unfortunate brown stained wood chairs with cane backs and cushions covered in cat hair.  I thought my husband was going to throw me out along with the chairs when I tried to put them in the back of his car at an estate sale one day.  I’m not sure he’s gone to a sale with me since.  Why is it that all the best estate sales are FULL of cat hair and unfortunate smells?  This weekend I walked down into a basement that I swear had black mold all over it.  YIKES.

I could make that fabric above.  I’d just need some white/cream cotton and some permanent/colorfast ink.  I won’t be copying Ms. Wearstler’s design though.

But I WANT to use this fabric for the cushions with a jazzy bit of black piping.

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