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A Bubbly Color Palette

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on September 18, 2009

photoThis BEAUTIFUL (and so poorly photographed) bottle of bubbly was a 30th birthday present from my fabulous husband.  He knows what this girl likes.  A strictly special occasion bottle, I sipped this as I entered a new decade a few weeks ago.  The week before this birthday was rough.  I hate anticipation.  The actual birthday was as lovely as the pink champagne.

I still haven’t thrown the bottle away.  Some might call me a hoarder (husband).  Others might appreciate my appreciation of beauty found in the details.  The richly green bottle (which can only be truly appreciated from an empty bottle) matched with the rosy, perfectly pale pink, and gold-orange label and topped off with red scripty writing and the dash of black type is a striking and unexpected color palette.  I’m inspired.  These are not colors I’ve ever been thrilled with on their own (not a pink girly girl, orange was always for the other team, and deep green just seemed preppy).  Somehow in this combination, in these particular shades, it’s luxury in and on a bottle.

Of course, my photography is atrocious, and the picture is from my phone.  I highly recommend that to fully appreciate these colors, you grab yourself a bottle.  In the meantime, check out these rooms for more luxurious, bubbly, color.

From House Beautiful

Hello beautiful carrots!

…now where’s my glass of champagne?


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  1. Lezel Safi said, on September 19, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Oh girl! You know that is my favvvvvvvvvorite champagne…I had never tried the rose until we luckily got fit into a tour at Veuve in Reims, FR in April…it’s a treat and I smuggled 3 different varities of Veuve back with us! I was a wreck! Good taste my friend, good taste!

    • laurencorbyn said, on September 19, 2009 at 9:47 am

      Thanks friend! Thanks for visiting my blog too! Maybe we can share a glass soon 🙂

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