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Living Under a Rock

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on November 2, 2009

I love it when I find something, and think it’s so cool, and naively think that I’m going to introduce it to the world.  I guess my first clue that Empiric Studio wasn’t unknown was the One King’s Lane sale last week.  And then reading that Cassandra at Coco+Kelly interned there.   So, I live under a rock, and you all know about this fabulous studio.  It’s got edge, style, and practicality.  All things I enjoy.  Take a look:

You can get a sofa

Or a baboon

(admittedly not super practical, or pleasant really)

But my real favorites are the prints.  I’d like to put this Italian periodic table of elements in my kitchen.


close up

The astronomy prints are excellent as well

Or have a light fixture

And some vintage chairsI love an interiors company with a values tab on their web navigation.  They stand for good, well made things.  I respect that.  I’m really not sure about that baboon though.  Totally puts my in-laws’ taxidermied  ducks in perspective.


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