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Holy White Marble, Batman!

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on November 12, 2009

It appears I’ve been amassing images with white marble (and a few other types of white surfaces).  I guess the upside to finding a house that needs a bath or kitchen remodel is that I’ll be prepared with ideas.  . . . and prepared to save up my pennies for the good stuff.

Do you have white marble in your house?  What are your thoughts on wear and tear?  I hear wildly conflicting advice.

For your white surface obsession: floors, counters, and walls, oh my!



Betty B6




Picture 14




marymcdonaldThe above image really inspires me for a big house remodel.  I imagine that the island is smack dab in the middle of where the old kitchen wall used to be.  Such a great way to open up an old, likely dark, galley kitchen.  This idea of opening up a kitchen to the living space does NOT always work.  As I go through real estate listings I’m amazed at how many people knock down walls.  There’s a house in a great area full of similar (quaint, bland?) little ranch style homes.   The owners are touting it as “loft style living.”  I firmly stand behind the fact that you should not attempt “loft style living” while working with a ranch style home.  Knocking down a bunch of walls into one mass space is not always the height of urban glam.  It takes skill and artistry and vision.  I will now step off my soapbox.  Thank you.


How would you feel about a full length mirror right next to your bathtub?



Check out those tufted walls!


Shiny is fabulous, but honed is pretty great too.





Recently I’ve found several images of kitchens with glass doors at one end.  Beautiful! Fabulous openness and light.


This seems like it would be slippery. But check out how the tiles were laid on the floor and on the shower wall.  It’s very rorschach-y, no?


I’m always a fan of real art in the kitchen.


I’m an equal opportunity lover of both dark and light flooring.



I have likely mentioned this before, but if you’re thinking of a bath remodel and you’re trying to decide if the cost of a freestanding bath is worth it vs. a bath like the one above, don’t forget to figure in the cost of the surround.


I’m a sucker for a good subway tile.  In case you missed that.



So what can we learn from the above images?  White is equally fabulous with white, with color, and super fabulous with black.  White feels clean; it feels glamorous; it can run the gamut from classic to contemporary.

(Images harvested from all the good ones: Apartment Therapy, Elle Decor/Point Click Home, House Beautiful, My Favorite and My Best, Decorno, I Suwannee, Cote de Texas, Suzanne Kasler, Elizabeth Dinkel, and I’m sure someone else I have forgotten)


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