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Country Living Style, Yee Haw

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on November 18, 2009

I cannot believe I haven’t posted about this yet!  I recently started receiving Country Living Magazine (likely a subscription substitution after the failing of yet another beautiful magazine) and I am hooked!  Yeah, yeah, I live in Oklahoma.  But generally my style is not “country,” even though I can appreciate appropriate amounts of animal skulls or Navajo blankets.  They simply add interest and texture.  The same can be said for touches of geodes or various antique textiles.  Interest and texture and personality.


Well Country Living has shocked me!  It’s homey, but not corny.


What really got my designer synapses firing was the beautiful space of Caroline Scheeler.  As a buyer for my fave Jayson Home and Garden, it’s not surprising that Ms. Scheeler’s house is AWESOME..  It’s full of personality, interest, texture and grace.

Hello Wilbur.  Wait, was Wilbur the horse or the human?  I think the horse said “hello Wilbur.”  Right.  Also, designer sidenote: Wilber was an architect.


ANYWAY,  more fabulousness:

The low key Country Living allows for actual children to be shown.


A secretary turned bar.  As Tim would say: Make it work!

The mudroom makes me wish I had horse ribbons to display.  You can really see her aesthetic in the little vignettes like this.  Sometimes Jayson Home and Garden has these fabulous little oddities, and I wonder what their purpose is.  I mean, I can deal with random things displayed–ie clutter with a purpose–but I don’t know that everyone can.  Clearly Caroline is in my boat with those riding caps.  Unless they’re actually used.  I’m not horsey so I don’t know.

This bedroom makes me think.  I’d never choose a headboard like that, and I’m kind of over zebra rugs, and feel a little saturated with garden stools, but there’s something that I like about this room.  I like the layers and the texture, even if I could never live with the wooly throw.

More of that luscious wall color.  It’s so moody yet livable.  Don’t you think?

Fabulous pine paneling

More white marble in a quaint, little kitchen.  And for the record the paint is Ralph Lauren’s Mercer (check it out here.  I’d also like to see Washington Square and Hudson).

In answer to my curiosities about white marble, Scheeler chose the stone because of it’s perceived weaknesses.  She likes the sense of history that the scratches create.  Interesting!

High Class Country.  High Style Country.  More-Stylish-Than-You’d-Expect Country Living.  These are my working titles for the magazine.

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  1. Dagny @ Beautiful Living said, on November 19, 2009 at 3:43 am

    Love this home! Did a post about it a few days ago, and what I really enjoyed are all the glamorous elements in a country setting. Really stands out!

  2. […] You’ve GOT to go check out  A Lovely Being for more images of the super fabulous Caroline Scheeler’s home.  It’s one of my very favorites.  Chic, comfortable, a little edge here and there […]

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