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A Little Ebay Love

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on December 2, 2009

Faux bamboo.  Perhaps to hold a flat screen on top and your junk underneath? Starting bid $100.  I’d paint it.  Likely glossy. Then I’d shine up that hardware till it gleams. It could also be cool as a sideboard to stow all the table cloths and fancy dishes you never use.  Top it off with a mirror on the wall, a pair of fabulous lamps and you’re all glammed up to use the fancy table cloths and dishes you never use.

Paint it grey, reupholster the arm padding and downsize the cushion.  Change it all to linen, perhaps with the seams going out on the cushion for a rougher look.  Current bid $72.

This is interesting.  It could be really cool on some of those dark walls we’ve been obsessing about.  I can’t quite get a good read on the wood color, but I’m intrigued.  It’d be very cool with a smoky, aged mirror.  You know, one of those spotty looking ones. Starting bid $40.

A little more on the gilded side table business.  Though I do not appreciate the beveled glass top.  Current bid $104.49.

These chairs have a few issues, but they could add such a great graphic element between the bright color and their lines. Starting bid $100 for the set of six!

Yes. Yes. Yes.  Another obsession is twin beds.  I’ve never had a twin bed, and I hate sleeping in them, but I love how a pair look.  Paint these puppies and have some guests or kids.  Starting bid $30 for one, with the option to buy both.

All of these are available from TS and Company out of Florida.  I’m trying to keep my eye out for a great company like this with local delivery/pick up in Oklahoma.  Any recommendations?


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