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Bargain Hunting

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on December 16, 2009

I’m not exactly finished with Christmas shopping yet, so naturally I’m focusing on imaginary shopping.  Here are some surprising online buys.

If you need something glam:

Overstock $149, originally $948! I’d need to put this somewhere dark to make up for it’s girlishness.

Or a little more sleek:

I’m hoping the next photo does not do justice to this cool pendant.  $115. I have seen one similar, if not exactly the same, and it’s super awesome!  I’m not even being swayed by the “French” description on the website.  Love that pulley system.

Save a penny!  Seriously Overstock?  $359.99, not a bargain, but still cool.  I know we’ve seen these everywhere, but they’re still so appealing to me!

Okay, so a Phillip Starck Mademoiselle chair is well over $800 if not $950.  I’m not sure if the below chair is the real deal, likely not (The colors don’t seem quite right.  They’re a little, um, vivid.) and I haven’t exactly studied the shapes enough.  Regardless this chair, in comparison, is a bargain at $207.

For $90, why not give it a try.  It worked for this super-blogger. Hey, she also has a ghost chair.  AND Pantone’s color of the year. Trendy, trendy.  I’m curious about the staying power of the room.  What are your thoughts?

Even I like  a little silk taffeta.  ESPECIALLY in grey.  $92 a panel (okay, so it’s faux silk which is a little cringe-worthy BUT I bet if you have it lined and interlined it’d be rather fabulous and you’d still be way below what curtains normally cost.  They’re expensive buggars).


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