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Can We Talk About Me for a Second?

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on January 19, 2010

First off, I can’t believe I left you for almost two weeks with that crappy last post, and the ugly artwork above the copper tub.  Yeesh.  Sorry.  Here are some things I enjoy looking at in my own home.

Snuggling with Magnolia (technically this is no longer my home, but my parents').

Let’s talk about how much I love my job and why I’m good at it.  Let’s also keep in mind that I am highly medicated at the moment.  I got sick while on vacation and can’t seem to shake it.  I almost cannot hear out of my left ear–check that either ear.  No worries though.  I’m headed to the doc in the morning.  Thanks for your concern.

This is how I like to decorate for Christmas--don't judge my temporary "renters' beige" paint.

I am good at my job 1) because I like people.  2) Because I like stuff (sometimes more than I like people). 3) I obsess over the details so you don’t have to.  For example, I scour design blogs and magazines. I ask a thousand times if a curtain color is correct.  4) I like so many different styles of design it’s kind of ridiculous. 5) I respect that my projects are my clients’ homes, not mine, and they have to live in them–and love them.  6) I am hyper critical.  Now, if you ask my mother, this isn’t the best quality to have.  But in the midst of an interior design project, it’s perfection.  (Woah woah, I didn’t say I was perfection.  Just that my hypercritical nature is an asset to my clients.) 7)I have more photos of interiors saved in iPhoto than I do of friends and family, or myself.  Which is why I didn’t have a lot to choose from for these shots you’re seeing now.

A random selection from my personal collection. One is armless. Oops.

On the docket for 2010:  Take more photos of friends, family, and projects!


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