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Yes, please

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on November 6, 2010

Should you feel the need to invite me to a fabulous event, and purchase a dress for me to wear to said event, the answer is yes.

Preen at net-a-porter.


Black Crystals

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on April 1, 2010

This is what I want for my birthday.  It would look equally fabulous in a light filled, white room as well as a glossy black room.  I swing both ways.  My birthday isn’t until August.

Mathew Studios.  Thanks to Vanessa De Vargas for the fabulous heads up.

I Want to See It Painted, Painted, Painted, Black!

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on September 1, 2009

Have you noticed the influx of black in the shelter mags?  I was stopped in my tracks and breathless at Miles Redd’s work featured a couple months ago in House Beautiful.


Miles Redd in House Beautiful

Miles Redd in House Beautiful

No, technically this is not black.  I just thought it was at first.  It’s actually Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue all gussied up and laquered.  It’s SO rich.  I love it.  All that plush velvet and rich color throw it over the top for me, along with the herringbone floors.  You just don’t see floors like that here in Oklahoma unless it’s brand spanking new construction, and even then they are over scraped and somehow inauthentic looking.  

Back to black: check out Redd’s ebonized wood and STERLING silver bookshelves.  So glamorous.


Miles Redd, House Beautiful

Miles Redd, House Beautiful

So I thought the blue walls were black.  I guess that heightened my awareness of black, because suddenly I saw it EVERYWHERE.  Many of my favorite images of late have black rooms, but I’ve never actually been in a black room.  I’m very curious how it would feel.

I think you’d have to be careful to balance the black with enough light and white.  Like Windsor Smith has done in her own home above (featured in House Beautiful of course).  That black room just draws me in!  And those floors.  Love them.  More from Ms. Smith below.

And her kitchen.

Here are some more of my favorite black rooms.  These images are from both domino and Living Etc of Jenna Lyon’s home in Brooklyn.  

Bathroom and nursery, nothing’s off limit to black:

domino 7

architect bathroom

domino 4

living etc jenna lyons 7

jenna 8

living etc jenna lyons 4


Random image from  House Beautiful:




And last but not least, an image that arrived in the mail from Anthropologie today.  Black and rustic:

963062_015_fSo what have we learned today?  

  • Black is beautiful
  • Black can go glamorous or rustic
  • Black is family friendly
  • Black is an excellent way to set off a white/stone fireplace
  • Close to black, like inky blue, is also fabulous