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Kind of Makes You Want to Say “I do”

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day kids.  Here’s a little loveliness from the new anthropologie wedding shop BHLDN.



This Looks Promising

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on August 23, 2010

Preview of the new online mag Rue.

Previous Client Work

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on April 15, 2010

Whew.  Things are crazy around here.  More on that at a later date.  😉

In the meantime, check out some client work I did a while ago.  I don’t think I’ve shared this with you before.  The room turned out rather lovely, though we did stray a bit from the original concept.  We ended up going more traditional and a little moodier with the colors.  I ran into the clients the other day, and they’re still happy!  Always like to hear that.

This board started with that fab Jayson Home and Garden sofa.  The Angelica.  Love it.  We followed with a great buy on a Ralph Lauren leather chair, at once manly and feminine.  The side table belonged to the clients already.

Updated tradition.  I like it. What are your thoughts?

Craigslist Love in OKC

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on April 6, 2010

Feeling Frenchy?  LOVE that second one.  $175, $90 respectively.  Can’t hurt to ask low.

Interesting chairs with a kind of groovy shape.  They’re asking $400 for the buffet, table and chairs.

And a cool table. $245 for table and chairs.  I like the curvy legs.

Snazzy little bar cart so you can style up your place Lonny style.  $25!!!

Snazzy little dresser to paint up as you like. $45.

This sofa has kind of a Billy Baldwin vibe to it.

They’re asking too much, but it’s cute, and they’re willing to bargain.

8×10 rug, $350.

And moving to the less antique-y, finale of our show:

For the patio.  A comfy bargain at $75.  There are so many great outdoor fabrics now, that you can live with these cushions till you find some fabric you love, then slowly add pillows.  Or do a wham, bam, thank you ma’am, presto change-o.

Whew! That’s enough.  And for the record craigslisters…  there’s no such thing as a “leather foot bench.”  It’s an ottoman.  Maybe a footstool.  Most likely an ottoman.

Dining Inspiration

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on March 23, 2010

A little inspiration in the form of a work-in-progress design board.  I’m liking the rustic textures of reclaimed wood, tatty antique rugs and rich leather.  Sources are listed in the image.

Kelly Wearstler

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on February 17, 2010

Say what you will, but I do think she’s awesome.  A few years ago her Hollywood Regency obsession was surprising.  Now it’s everywhere.  Just do a search on ebay for “hollywood regency” and see how much comes up.  The words are synonymous with desirable style and Kelly Wearstler brought them to the public.

I’m currently studying the work of KWID.  I’m trying to suss out where the crazy, over the top meets beautiful and somehow perfect.

This, for example, is a masterful use of tape.  Those single lines of pattern running down those curvy pink chairs is somehow perfect.

Don’t even get me started on the Giacometti-esque side table.  Or the styling of objects atop it.

Rocky Luxe

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on February 12, 2010

The perfect rocky, luxury.  Organic glam?  Ugh. What a goofy description for a beautiful piece of jewelry.  It’s the perfect mix of matte and shiny, earthy and luxe.

From Yves Saint Laurent at

For the Dudes

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on February 11, 2010

…naked lady pillows and all.

I’m mildly uncertain about the zebra chair.  I like that it adds a little brown and organic quality, but the shape might be a little too trad.  How about this to spice things up?  Still organic-y with the leather, but a snazzier shape + tufting = good things.

I’m imagining this in an apartment-y setting where the living and dining are near each other.  This table is just big enough to play cards, or use a laptop, or dine for four.  That’s all a single dude needs, right?

Deborah Needleman

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on February 9, 2010

In case you haven’t clicked on over yet, do it!  What are you waiting for?  Loved domino, love Deborah Needleman.  Someone give this woman a magazine, please!  I think she epitomizes easy style.  I find her really inspiring.  I love that she created a team out of not just fabulous people, but good people.

Thanks to Daily Imprint.  Glad I’ve found you!

Fancy Bath

Posted in Bloggity by laurencorbyn on January 5, 2010

The Bath Works contacted me to let me know that they make the tub that was used in Sherlock Holmes.  It’s called the Bateau in polished copper.  Fancy indeed.

But how about if we modernize a bit, and tone down, and maybe make it more comfortable (though I can’t really say if copper is in fact uncomfortable.  I can only imagine).  I’d choose the Bateau V like this perhaps:

Or keep things coppery on the outside and enameled on the inside (here with a “French patina” outside):

Of course, if you go this route, you’ll have to paint your walls black and wear J. Crew after your bath (just like Jenna Lyons).  But that doesn’t bother me one bit.